Rural, Suburban, and Urban Landscape Design Projects

Below is a sampling of project plans for a variety of project types, including rural properties the owners wanted to develop as retreat centers, disadvantaged after-school program gardens, suburban side yard meditation gardens, and low-maintenance urban landscape design solutions for young couples juggling a new family.


Permaculture Master Plan – Stange Residence – Portland, OR.

image: an urban landscape design permaculture master plan example

This young couple wanted outdoor dining space and a firepit for entertaining their friends.  They also wanted a dog run and a safer play area in their front yard for the kids.  We screened in their back yard for privacy and gave them a sunken firepit seating area, fruit trees, and a deck.  We turned the unused back corner of their lot into a functional and beautiful dog run.


Landscape Master Plan – Esterlin Residence – Portland, OR.

image: another urban landscape design exampleFor this urban landscape design, this young family wanted an easy maintenance yard to enjoy with their new family.  We screened out the unsightly neighboring property and integrated their haphazard garden area with structural elements and walkways that would withstand Oregon weather.  We also focused on deterring camping on their oversized side tree lawn facing the street.


Permaculture Master Plan – Johnson Residence – Portland, OR.

Image: an urban landscape design example.This urban lot offered us the opportunity to transform a severe slope into terrace gardens irrigated with ancient irrigation technology easy for the modern family to use.  We had fun incorporating requests like an under balcony patio with a climbing wall.


Permaculture Design Consultation – Hillsboro, OR.

image: an example of an urban landscape design consultation plan.This retired couple had what looked like a hodgepodge of attempts at Permaculture.  Frustrated without a plan, they asked us to make sense of the parts they wanted to keep, with an urban landscape design.  We unified and simplified the space while diversifying and supporting plant communities, providing much-needed pond bank stabilization and regrading, and clarifying and expanding the usable walkways and staging areas near the green house, chickens, and two sheds.  This couple now has a comfortable and stable seating area to enjoy the water and a private meditation space, too.  We were so happy to help them enjoy their forever home in style!


Permaculture Master Plan – Lusnia Property – Oregon City, OR.

Image: hillside landscaping on 55 acres.This project allowed the client to create a retreat center for Permaculture workshops.  We incorporated several mandalas into the design of camping, yoga, and workshop spaces for guests.  He also asked for a Paulownia tree production area, as the trees are valuable as biochar, a natural method of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


Permaculture Master Plan – Robinson Property – Silverton, OR. Image: master plan featuring hillside landscaping along a river.

Permaculture Design Consultation – Sand Residence – Portland, OR.

Image: urban landscape design consultation plan for a small yard.

Permaculture Master Plan – Richardson Residence – Portland, OR.

Image: this client wanted Permaculture for her urban landscape design.

Landscape Master Plan – Nightingale Residence – North Plains, OR.

Image: a good landscape planner works with client needs.

Hardscape + Planting Plans – Sadati Residence – San Juan Capistrano, CA.

Image: urban landscape design for a new residence in California.

Landscape Design Consultation – Skornik Residence – Portland, OR.

Image: an urban landscape design consultation plan.

Permaculture Design Consultation – Brauer-Rieke Residence – Portland, OR

Image: choose a landscape planner with happy clients.

Permaculture Design Consultations – Buckman School – Portland, OR.

Image: urban landscape design for after-school garden program.

Ecological Suburban Redesign – Avalon Villages – Eugene, OR.

Image: award-winning modern landscaping.

Permaculture Design Consultation – Fortin Residence – Beaverton, OR.

Landscape Design Consultation – Patel Residence – Portland, OR.

Landscape Design Consultation – Wiley Residence – Portland, OR.

Landscape Design Consultation – Schrider Residence – Portland, OR.

Landscape Master Plan – Patel Residence – Portland, OR.

Landscape Design Consultation – Wilcox Residence – Portland, OR.

Permaculture Design Consultation – HiiH Gallery Annex – Portland, OR.

Landscape Master Plan – Hefte Residence, Portand, OR.

Landscape Design Consultation – Sutton Residence, Portland, OR.

Landscape Design Consultation – Lawn Residence, Portland, OR.

Permaculture Master Plan – Parrish Residence, Beaverton, OR.

Permaculture Master Plan – Crowley Residence, Portland, OR.

Permaculture Master Plan – Mentz Residence, Portland, OR.

Whiteaker Community Center Grant – Habitats, Inc., Eugene, OR.

Designer Gardening – Cannel Residence, Eugene, OR.

Permaculture Master Plan – Schilling Residence, Eugene, OR.

Landscape Photography Show, Microgeomorphology, Eugene, OR.

Herb Spiral Workshop – N.W. Regional Permaculture Gathering, Eugene, OR. September 2004.

Urban Planning at the Confluence of the Willamette & Mckenzie Rivers, Eugene, OR.

UofO Campus Heart Plaza Design – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

Frank Kinney Park Design – Eugene, OR.

Nature Trail Design – Tillamook, OR.

Newberg Community Center Design – Newberg, OR.

Landscape Master Plan – South Residence, Eugene, OR.

Oregon Hall Plaza Design – University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

Water Conservation Surveys – Eugene Water & Electric Board, Eugene, OR.

Eugene City Repair Project – spearheaded new chapter, Eugene, OR.

Portland City Repair Project – Grant writing, Intersection Repair Handbook, Portland, OR.

Landscape Installation – Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR.

Various Residential Landscape Designs – Back to the Roots & Landscape Dimensions, Eugene, OR.

Commercial Landscape Recommendations – Chamber of Commerce, Corvallis, OR.

Entry Design – Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR.

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