Finally a Book that Definitely Answers The Question:  What Is a Zombie Apocalypse?

Order now on Amazon.  I get this question all the time.  Not really, most people ask me what permaculture has to do with zombies, and vice versa.  Who was it who once said that it’s always best to answer big questions with another question?  So, I usually counter with what I believe is the image: What is a zombie apocalypse?real question:  “How thick will your mulch be when the Hordes descend?”  Prior to going online, or perhaps even afterward, while you repeat in your head over and over what is a zombie apocalypse, I’ll bet no other answers involve mulch.  Well, it turns out that shredded woody debris is a vital component to not only answering the question on the mind of anyone not in the know, but that mulch is also the key to how we will all survive said favorite (mine) doomsday scenario.

image: What is a zombie apocalypse but more importantly, how can mulch save you?Being that I am a professional purveyor of the mulch in question, I have created the Zombie Permaculture Reader for your scholarly pleasure.  These eleven chapters are based on decades of observation, design experience, and that pesky research I mentioned earlier.  Please enjoy, and let me know if I have answered the question so innocently posed above.  And don’t forget to pack your ear plugs (according to the Zombie Survival Guide, the moaning for brains can get a little annoying at night when you are trying to sleep).

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image: this book answers What is a zombie apocalypse?The Zombie Permaculture Reader answers the question:  What is a Zombie Apocalypse and tells you how to survive it.  But in a real way, not a fictional sense.  From black Friday at the mall to your back yard, they’re everywhere and they’re coming for you, unless you know about permaculture.  Then you’re safe.  You will probably still need earplugs.

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