Get Professional Residential Landscape Design

Working with Eco-Logic means you get quality residential landscape design needed to make your property really work for you.  No matter its type or size, if you want to spend less and get far more out of your landscape, choose us to get award-winning ecological planning and construction management anywhere in the United States.  Eco-Logic has been sought out since 2004 for combining landscape architecture and permaculture design to lower costs and water use, reduce maintenance to near zero, and raise property value by up to 15%.


Low maintenance landscape design that lowers your water and power usage
Are you tired of high-maintenance, expensive landscaping?
Take back your freedom with a self-sustaining residential landscape design.
Increase Property Value and Save on Water, Power, and Maintenance with Permaculture.

See the Kind of Residential Landscape Design You Can Have

Achieve your dream of outdoor living with high-level permaculture and landscape design services.  Feel confident that we have many years of experience in the business to bring you the highest quality professional services to make your property bloom.

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Arbors + Trellises
  • Water Features
  • Pool, Sauna + Spa
  • Driveway Conversion
  • Decks + Patios
  • Edible Habitats
  • Low-Maintenance Landscaping

About Our Company

As one of the most knowledgeable residential landscape design service providers, we were delighted when our clients informed us we were the only firm with our particular skill set.  Since 2004, people from New Mexico to Florida reached out over and over after their online research led them to us.  All we were doing was writing a blog. People had looked at other landscape companies on the Internet but couldn't find what we do.  When Eco-LogicSM was born, we knew we wanted to specialize in the professional combination of permaculture and landscape design.  This is why, folks tell us, we have been sought out over the years to help make people's dreams come true.


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To get an estimate for your landscape design project, schedule a free strategy session.

Why Choose Us for Your Landscape Design Project?

Innovative Solutions
Ecologically-focused landscape design that transforms site issues while reducing your costs and maintenance.
Dependable Services
Each project is finished on time and budget, and we answer our client's questions promptly.
1-on-1 Time
We offer complimentary landscape strategy coaching, and will provide you with a detailed quote for your project.

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Landscape Design Excellence

As natives of the West, we bring years of experience and high-level training to provide innovative, sustainable landscape design services to our clients.