The Zen of Dish Washing

A Buddhist monk once said something like, “There is so much to do Image: Thich Nhat Hanh washes dishes.and so little time to do it, we must take great care not to move too quickly.”  A great dishwasher I used to know once said, “There are so many dishes here before us, and lunchtime is approaching; thus, we must employ great speed.”


Why Ecology Is Important

Ecology’s importance in relation to, well, everything, is obvious, and so what could there be to say?  I recall the many discussions I’ve shared with brilliant, creative friends wherein it was agreed that so-and-so prefers tarot cards while another dear soul doesn’t trust them and instead likes to write in a journal as a way of figuring out her life.  Multiple perspectives are important in every subject, just as diversity is the key to balance on a farm.


Community On the Highway

This is one account of an intense storm & what a highway full of weekenders did to cope. In most neighborhoods, lines in the landscape tell you where you can flow. By this I mean where you can walk, ride, skateboard, climb, and generally move. Even without thinking about it, you probably stay within the boundaries set forth to keep you in line READ MORE