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Permaculture Gardening DIY Plan

You’ve been learning about permaculture.  You’ve listened to podcasts, read books and articles; you love the idea and want to apply it to your property.  But you feel overwhelmed when you try to think about how to put all you’re learning into actual elements in your yard.  You want to do your project yourself, but you don’t know where to begin or how to tie all the elements together.

The Permaculture Gardening DIY Plan package offers an easy-to-use permaculture plan for a smaller budget.  You can use your plan and take your time, following the straightforward steps and doing each thing in the most efficient and thus effective way.  This allows you to save on costs by doing things right the first time.  You’ll also get guidance on how to do more with less while still getting beautiful, functional permaculture results.

Your permaculture gardening project will take off on the right foot, saving you hours trying to put articles, podcasts, and books into actual practice on your property.

Save design cost by learning about the plants on your plan and doing the installation yourself or with your gardener, or if you are simply working with a smaller budget.

Included are:

  • Professional Analysis
  • Medium Sized PDF Plan with Plant Lists
    • Hardscape design (i.e. patio, pathways, deck, etc.)
    • Planting design for all areas of the property
    • Appropriate plant lists for each area in the design
    • Phasing plan for the entire project
    • Soil treatment & planting steps
  • Presentation meeting


  • Construction Management for installation oversight

Let us know if you have any questions we can clarify about this package!

Ryan M. had this to say about his project:

“Its been an eye opening experience and a really great growth experience.  I absolutely love just doing the work, the physical labor, it’s really great.  It made me really respect what you do..”

image: DIY Permaculture
This client installed his Eco-DIY plan with his son. This shot is of the bench and some of the plantings in their front yard.