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3 Top Healing Plants For Your Immune System

Keep Healthy Naturally With Plants

If you are worried due to all the noise on TV and piped over sound systems in stores, don’t worry; you can take simple action now to sidestep all the fear.

Using plants to stay healthy is tried and true, tested and proven over millennia of human civilization.  Most pharmaceutical drugs were derived from the plants that miraculously grew the medicine within their branching architectures.  For-profit corporate interests focus on making money, and so if shouldn’t surprise us that a return to the source – Nature – is powerful and inexpensive.


image: West Texas permaculture
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Greening the West Texas Desert

Ask any Texan living in the far out western part of the state, and they will tell you; “this place is not for everyone.”  But what if it could be?  Is it possible to change the environment of a hot landscape?  Just like plants change their surroundings, we too can adopt strategies that improve the places we live.

If you live in far west Texas already, or you’re considering homesteading in that part of the world, this article will show you how you can:

  • grow a garden more easily and with less water
  • build soil out of sandy desert dirt
  • create shade quickly
  • cool down the area around your home, shop, or guest house
  • attract beneficial wildlife and precious pollinators
  • attract and increase moisture
  • grow food year-round

As a permaculture designer for over 17 years, I’m excited to share that this ecological design discipline has succeeded in transforming areas of the Sahara Desert into orchards!  Geoff Lawton, a long-time permaculture designer out of Australia, applied permaculture principles to revitalize dessicated sand dunes.  Here, I’ll show you what you can do to effect the same changes in your dryland landscape.


image: microclimate
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Live + Grow More By Creating Microclimates

Is Your Yard Drier Than It Would Be Naturally?

If you are like one of my clients in Santa Ana, California, your yard may tend toward dryness.  This particular client actually only watered her landscape a few times a year prior to our working together.  I advised her that all plants need to be watered during their first one to three years in the ground so that they can establish their root systems.  Strong roots give plants the ability to draw moisture from deeper in the soil as well as pull the nutrients the plant needs.

As you might expect, the appearance of this homeowner’s landscape was on the extreme verge of desertification.  Even succulents were dessicated.  I knew that it would be a delicate conversation to convince her that plants need and deserve water.  Once I had brought her over to this understanding, I set to work creating layers of defense for her soil, existing trees, and the new plants I would be adding.


image: animal meanings
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Animal Meanings and Equinox Magic

Learn From Animal Meanings At The Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox is upon us.  With so much change sweeping the globe since last year at this time, it can be helpful to gain understanding from the those in the nonhuman world who are going through these changes alongside us.  Animal meanings are essential messages long associated with different species and can help you walk a more powerful path through chaos if you tune in and heed what Nature is telling you.


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Get A Victory Garden Plan

A Victory Garden Plan Based On Permaculture

The crises of 2020 are nothing compared to what many professional, intelligent, upstanding people are saying is coming.  From remote viewing masters to lawyers-turned-agriculturists, I’ve watched a number of interviews and exposes that left me with the urgent desire to share what I know about edible landscaping and food sustainability more than ever.  The answer, I think, is a victory garden plan that tells people step by step what to do to create their own survival food garden.

The term victory garden came into use in 1917, right before World War I started.  People realized at that time the critical importance of having the ability to procure fresh produce.  Rationing of food isn’t a long way off today.  As billionaire globalists like Bill Gates, who now owns more farmland than anyone else in the United States, seize greater and greater control over every aspect of life under the clever guise of a pandemic,* those who have been paying attention recognize history repeating itself and getting worse.


image: coastal living beach house style
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Beachy Oasis Style

A Coastal Living Beach House Style Oasis

This project achieved a coastal living beach house style oasis for these work-from-home business owners.  They wanted to entertain, grow food, and relax in a year-round sauna.  Eco-Logic created exactly that, transforming wasted space into a beautiful layout where they could enjoy all the activities they love.  From the lotus pond outside their bedroom windows where there once was barren fencing to edible landscaping offering a variety of delicious berries and vegetables, to a modern outdoor kitchen and sitting patio under a grape arbor, this space fulfills their needs and more.

Starting with a traditional high-maintenance lawn, scraggly garden area, and cramped driveway, I transformed the property to acommodate the owners’ favorite activities.  Included was a permeable driveway and entry paths, living fences, soil restoration, water catchment, habitat gardens, fruit trees, central arbored patio, garden paths, outdoor kitchen, and year-round sauna.