The Food Forest Mastery Workshop

Learn the step-by-step process for creating your own food forest (without the worry that you'll make expensive mistakes) so that you can achieve food independence and inspire your community toward sustainability.


The Food Forest is recognized internationally as the most efficient land restoration and food production system in the world, allowing anyone to achieve food independence & inspire community.  Creating a food forest is one of the very best steps anyone with property can take to stay healthy, happy, de-stressed, and connected these days.  You can eat directly from your yard, no matter the political or economic situation; you'll always have access to fresh, healthy food.  You'll have a gorgeous place to relax and gather with friends and family.  Your home energy costs, water use, and maintenance fees will drop.  You won't have to depend on trucks to eat.  Your neighbors will appreciate your extra produce and want to learn how you achieved such abundance.


Most people struggle to get started, put their research to use, create a plan, and feel certain they won't make big mistakes.  So many permaculture enthusiasts have put in the time to read books, watch videos, and more, but they all had one thing in common.  They couldn't put it all together and get started, or worse, they feared making mistakes that could cost them a lot of money.


Many people have expressed the need for a step-by-step process and guidance through it.  This mini course allows you to move confidently through the entire process to create your own food forest, with the expert guidance of a professional permaculture designer who has created them for over 17 years.  Don't worry about missing a step or doing the right thing at the wrong time.  Know you are taking the steps that lead to a successful project.  This process helps you overcome the major pitfalls that plague most permaculture enthusiasts, so you can achieve the result - a beautiful food forest you can enjoy for life.

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Food Forest Mastery mini course


Workshop Details

What you'll learn: 

- 4 straightforward steps you'll actually be able to follow to create your Food Forest
- 3 mistakes most people make when trying to DIY permaculture
- What to never do if you want to end up with a complete, working Food Forest
- How to work with plants, non-living features, irrigation, soil, and more

WHEN:  On Demand
COST:  $47


Don't Wait - Start Your Own Food Forest


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It’s time to finally say “good-bye” to too many books, articles, videos, and missed opportunities to get plants in the ground.  Sign up for the Food Forest Mastery workshop and learn how to get an abundant food forest at home.
It’s time to own up to the fact that all permaculture knowledge you've gleaned isn't going to work… if you’re ready to become a food forest master, then it’s time you learn how to make it happen!
Are you ready to finally become the owner of a gorgeous, delicious, sheltering, habitat-rich, water-conserving, soil-building, fun source of perennial food??  Join us for the workshop and learn a step-by-step approach that will make the process of getting it done truly enjoyable -- and a whole lot faster!



About Your Instructor

Jadene Mayla is a permaculture designer, podcaster, and dog owner.  After working in the landscape architecture and permaculture industries for more than 17 years, she relocated to Texas to transform 5 desert acres into an oasis -- and she assumed convincing others the land could produce would be the least of her problems.

A year later, she was feeling excited at her progress but frustrated that it still seemed like such a challenge to just get others interested in permaculture to the starting line they kept telling her they wanted.  She knew how to create food, even in an extremely degraded landscape, but struggled to find the time to help those overwhelmed by information overload to reach their goals of putting all they'd learned about permaculture together into a cohesive plan they could follow.

Finally, after much soul-searching, strategizing, and simplifying, she came up with a system she’s been able to share -- and it’s changed her ability to help people forever!  Today she podcasts about food forestry in the desert and enjoys teaching other permaculture enthusiasts how to take the steps she figured out so that anyone can achieve food independence and help their community be more sustainable.

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