What if you could learn how to lower utility bills, build a system in your own backyard that provides your family with fresh food, and be less reliant on expensive distractions?

Knowing how to lower utility bills is just one aspect of gaining the freedom to live life to the fullest by shaking off some of the unnecessary weight you carry around.  Like everyone else, life might have you burdened down with work, commuting, and the rising cost of living.  Why can’t you, like those who have found the key and stepped off the escalator to nowhere, have a freer life, too?

How wonderful it would be to step outside your door and be able to pick fresh fruit for breakfast or a super-delicious desert.  The power to influence your neighbors.  The resilience to weather trying times or even disaster by living in harmony with Nature.  You CAN have this, and it takes less time, money, and effort than you might think.  Than all the negative news reporting wants you to believe.  Than your neighbors know about.  Than you were taught in school.  Or see on TV.  The truth is, you can break free of the System by following the simple techniques we’ve learned and want to share with you.

image: how to lower utility billsIntroducing Zombie Permaculture, offering little-known strategies for how to lower utility bills, get more out of your life, and free up your time from the System – the method proven over 15 years, 40+ rural, suburban, and urban design projects, and dozens of clients in Oregon, Washington, and California.

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