Beautiful EMF Shield Technology for Your Property

What if you could add EMF shield technology to your property without being obvious?  Many claims can be found on the Internet for pendants and buckets filled with metal shavings that supposedly protect you from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMF).  But where is the research to back up all those claims?

We specialize in the design of art objects with measurable, tested subtle energy emitting properties.

Our founder completed masters' thesis work focused on the application of ancient energy science from Egypt.  The modality has been proven in projects around the globe for over 40 years.  Sculptures were verified as "very effective" by  BioGeometry master Dr. Ibrahim Karim in his Cairo lab.  Jadene uses special instruments to detect the target frequencies and correct her designs until she has achieved a resonant object.

The objects can look like almost anything, in the sense that you can have a metal feed storage cabinet, a wooden bird hotel, or a specially-designed raised planter bed.  The design that goes into the objects is what gives them their resonant properties.


These EMF Shield works of art are powerful protection against real electromagnetic radiation.  Sculptures measured effective over more than 35 feet in all directions.

Placing one to three objects on a standard urban or suburban lot shields the entire property.

Body organ systems are impacted by cell phone and tower radiation, laptops, and other devices.  As a trained artist and designer with years of experience, our founder believes EMF shield tech can be beautiful as well as truly functional.

When the body is hit by the fields of powerful energy radiating from such sources, organ systems are impacted.  Cell phone manufacturers have patents out on shield technologies for their devices in order to protect consumers.  We know EMF is dangerous, but we don’t have too many solid solutions to its effects.  This is why we offer clients beautifully designed and tested art objects for their landscapes.


One recent project in Oregon featured a shrine placed over the entry point of a creek onto a client’s property.  We designed the water shrine to bless the creek as it entered the client’s landscape.

The physics built into the special sculpture affected the water flowing under and through it on a subtle but measurable level.  The waveform of the water itself is altered by the EMF Shield design discipline that we utilized to create the object.  The creek water flowing off the property onto the land below carries this harmonious energy quality forward as well.  Plants and animals as well as humans are beneficially affected by the new structure of the water as a result.



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