Aesthetic Ecology workshop series



image: aesthetic natureIn this three-part workshop, originally held at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, three rich weekly modules will be delivered to your inbox.  Each workshop in the series includes slides and a worksheet.  Q&A with the instructor is available throughout the series.

Who decides what looks good?  More importantly, what is sacrificed ecologically to achieve that status-quo look?  When we hear the word ‘ecology,’ or associated terms like ‘nature’ and ‘environment,’ perhaps we envision weeds overgrowing vacant lots or scrappy wooded areas that ought to be tamed.  I created this workshop series to replace such images with orderly scenes of ecosystem function within contemporary developed landscapes.

What this means is that ecology doesn’t have to be messy.  Water can be purified, beneficial pollinators can be fed, and soil can regain a rich top layer when landscape architecture is combined with regenerative design principles.