Permaculture Farming eCourse


Learn permaculture by developing your own land, not someone else’s.


Permaculture design certification courses aren’t necessary to learn permaculture farming. With this regenerative land development training, you can study at home and build your skills by transforming your own site. At the request of our clients, we developed this course for home study to allow people interested in permaculture farming to learn permaculture by developing their own properties instead of someone else’s.

Many people want to learn about permaculture. But for most people, the journey towards switching to a design career isn’t realistic. It doesn’t make sense to go through a design course for a certificate you’re not going to use. Instead, you can learn permaculture by transforming your own land or lot in this course.

The Permaculture Farming course is designed around 10 modular lessons that can be taken at your own pace. Each module will move you through the essential permaculture principles and lead you through hands-on exercises to:
– increase your property value
– lower your maintenance, utility, and water bills
– improve your quality of life

Assignments are tailored to the homeowner and include readings, diagrams, printable posters, integrated projects, Q&A. Detailed modules cover formal permaculture farming principles:
– Ethics & Principles
– Elemental Flows & Pattern Recognition
– Zones & Sectors
– Soil & Compost
– Plants & Guilds
– Insects, Amphibians, & Animals
– Natural Capital
– Yields & Cash Crops
– Social Capital