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image: what is permaculture
image: what is permaculture

What is Permaculture? 

We invite You to Imagine a Landscape that Takes Care of Itself.

Maybe you're like a lot of our clients.  You're interested in this thing from Australia called permaculture, short for permanent agriculture.  Perhaps you're new to the idea, or maybe you've listened to podcasts, read books and articles.  The more you learn about possibly the most effective regenerative design system in the world, the more you love the idea of working with it on your property.  But you feel overwhelmed when you try to think about how to work with all the elements on your actual project.  You don't know where to begin or how to tie all the elements together.

Enter Permaculture Master Planning.  It's our most popular service for good reason.

Since 2004, we have professionally combined a certificate in permaculture design with a graduate degree in landscape architecture.  The result is ecological recovery in a beautiful wrapper.  If you are interested in creating a self-sustaining landscape that brings down your water, power, and maintenance costs to near-zero while also increasing your property value, START HERE.

Permaculture is a super-effective form of regenerative landscape design.  You can implement permaculture on any size of property.  Measurable reductions in costs, maintenance, and time/work is a key benefit.  But you'll also see increases in beneficial wildlife like butterflies and songbirds, more flowers, bigger and healthier fruit, and much healthier soil.

If you are wondering: what permaculture is, we'll show you as we work together.  If you're like most people, your property can be transformed by Permaculture Master Planning.  With this package, you'll get an in-depth walk-through of your plan, along with supplemental documentation like phasing recommendations, planting guides, little-known low-effort/high-impact techniques, a specific plants list, and much more.

With permaculture's ancient take on regenerative design, you can select from a variety of features, such as a pool, no-mow/no-water lawn, patio or any other feature.  Ecology doesn't have to be messy.

We are experts at transforming site issues into multi-functional elements that serve your needs beautifully while re-establishing an intact ecology on your property.  What are the benefits of permaculture design?  Long-term resilience, an impressive increase in plant health and production, and less work and expense on your part, to name just a few.  You can also expect to achieve near-zero waste, enhanced landscape beauty and function, pretty butterflies, hummingbirds, and dragonflies, less watering, weeding, and fertilizing, and more time to enjoy and delight in living are the goals and the results.



Because our permaculture designs work with professional-level landscape design systems, a master plan also gives you aesthetically pleasing and correctly laid-out features, such as:

  • driveway or access road
  • entertaining patios or decks
  • formal shade structures like pergolas, arbors, and trellises
  • shop or studio layout and access
  • seat wall or moveable seating areas
  • pool, sauna, and/or spa
  • hearth or fire pit
  • outdoor kitchen
  • meditation or yoga area
  • pathways
  • or any feature you need to live the lifestyle you want
image: what is permaculture
image: custom landscaping

Included in Permaculture Master Planning packages:

  • Base Mapping of your property saves the cost of a survey
  • MidPoint Progress project Meeting to allow your input and make changes
  • Large-scale CAD-designed PDF, which includes:
  • Accurately scaled master plan for your property
  • Detailed plant list with symbols and scientific and common names
  • Mature sizes for all plants
  • Project phasing plan
  • Planting, soil, and other strategies
  • Permaculture Zone & Sector analysis
  • Companion plant communities
  • Soil regeneration
  • Water caching and purification
  • Attraction of beneficial wildlife, including precious endangered pollinators
  • Coordinated pathways and patio areas
  • Fire pit, sauna, deck, pool, meditation space, etc., as desired
  • Spaces for animals and/or cottage industry production, as desired
  • Children's play areas, as desired
  • Final presentation meeting to walk you through your full plan so you can read, understand, and discuss it with others
  • Construction Management, if desired, to see your project through to complete installation
  • Prompt email access indefinitely following design completion

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