Workshops and Online Classes

Workshops and Online Classes help you learn permaculture and are based on our multidisciplinary expertise.  Our permaculture courses focus on landscape skills you can use to raise your property value, lower your maintenance and water bills, build the health of your soil, increase abundance of flowers and fruit, build habitat for endangered beneficial species, and more.  Your course delivers rich modules designed in a format and manner to work with your schedule whether you live in town, the suburbs, or the country.  Some courses and workshops are online, others may be taken in your local area.


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Permaculture Farming

Don't waste money on a design certificate you don't need.  If you want to implement permaculture into your own landscape and aren't looking to change careers, this course provides instruction in permaculture principles and leads you through a series of hands-on project and assignments.

Study at your own pace and receive individualized attention.

Unlike the many design certification courses out there:

You will learn permaculture by developing your own land, not someone else's.


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Aesthetic Ecology

This workshop series was originally offered at the Los Angeles County Arboretum and is now available to take online.  See registration details by clicking the button below.

Soil: Fountain of Youth

The skin is the largest organ of the body.  Similarly, the earth is protected by a living interface.  Supporting this soil layer is similar to a great skin-care routine. By making moves in accord with Nature, you can re-establish your soil’s powerful ability to in turn support a healthy web of life.

Trees: Architecture of Beauty

Affecting change on the surface often starts within.  Can our attitude toward seemingly insentient aspects of the landscape cause cosmetic and other (undreamed of) shifts?  We are told the Plant Kingdom is comprised of “lower” organisms, stubborn players that require surgery and control.  What if we approached them as highly intelligent partners in the co-creation of our city?  This workshop introduces modern communication received directly from trees as a framework for replacing our traditional relationship with them.  When we allow these powerful anchors of our biosphere to feel as well as look their best, they are able to contribute a fuller range of their gifts to us.

Under-Story Plants: Accessories Communicate

How we adorn ourselves is our first layer of communication with the world.  Garments and accessories protect us, inspire others, and tell our story.  Attracting a supportive, positive community is a key benefit of showing who we are.  Regenerative design acts as your stylist, effectively selecting and accessorizing the right wardrobe for your soil and trees so they draw in the right non-human people.  The result is more beauty with less effort and more rapid success.  In this workshop we will discuss effective strategies for placing, planting, and supporting a community of under-story and mid-canopy plants that work for us by bringing in special helpers.

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The Mystical Garden Workshop

This workshop will empower and connect you to your land and your unique gifts.  Content is based on masters-level training in disciplines related to landscape architecture.  Designed to enrich your relationship to your land or property, you will grow in ways you didn't think were possible.



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